CC is the rebooted public relations arm of NCC-RP Group. We were Communiqué Collective for two decades and are now Crunch Collective. We are celebrating twenty years of work with a change of name. Not because we didn’t like our moniker but simply because we wanted to feel brand new. With a Covid reset world and nouveau age stylish startups, the rave and rage, Crunch is what we wanted to give our clientele. A Prêt-à-Porter stylized way of conducting PR.

Rather than relying on cliché laden statements and complex paraphrasing, we have always let our work do our talking for us. We pride ourselves on being one of Pakistan’s only image management experts for the technology sector. Week on week, month on month, year on year, what we do for our clients not only gives them an edge, but also provides them with a peace of mind that can only come from knowing that someone is hard at work to solve their problems.

CC is perhaps the only agency in Pakistan who does pure tech. The only agency in Pakistan who understands technology laced content. The only agency in Pakistan who has worked with anyone in technology, telecoms and the ICTs. The only agency in Pakistan that’s produced a trade show daily for any large tech exhibition there ever was. The only agency in Pakistan that was involved in content production for the first ever electronic media technology shows in Pakistan.

Except we do not consider ourselves an agency. We say we are your consulting arm. Your partners in crime (not literally speaking of course). An extension of your outreach to the community, your comms team, your overall content strategy. Change is constant, and we have the ability to get the right story mix across to your audience while utilizing the very change that many others would consider a threat.

We are focused on what we do best. Helping your company tell its story and telling it right. As we say…

We put the crunch in your tech.

Crunch Collective, formerly known as Communique Collective is a division of NeoConcept Consultants

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